Precautions for solar bracket installation

The electrical installation of photovoltaic modules shall comply with the corresponding laws and regulations, including the electrical related laws and regulations and the requirements for power connection. Please do not install and use photovoltaic modules on the roof without reliable protective measures, which include fall protection, ladders and stairs and personal protective equipment. Do not install or use the distributed photovoltaic power generation system under very unfavorable conditions, such as strong wind and gust climate, wet and frosty roof surface, etc.

The photovoltaic power generation system will generate direct current under the condition of illumination, and the current will be strengthened along with the strengthening of light. The solar mounting bracket manufacturer emphasizes that if the electronic circuit of the module is touched, there will also be a risk of electric shock or burns. During the whole process of installation, use and repair, the power supply of the photovoltaic power generation system should be cut off, and they can also be moved to a completely dark condition, or the surface of the module should be blocked with opaque materials. If you operate the system in the sun, use insulated tools instead of wearing metal ornaments.

Avoid the danger of electric arc and electric shock. Do not disconnect the electrical connection and grounding under the condition of working with load. The socket must always be kept dry and clean to effectively ensure that these are always in good working efficiency. Kinsend takes safety as the first and keeps the safety and stability of module mounting structure as the design criteria We are looking forward to providing the most stable solar design solutions for global customers We are specialized in the design of ground photovoltaic support, the reasonable layout of grounding blocks and the installation of conductive strips, to ensure that the photovoltaic system will be damaged under the impact of lightning. Welcome to the case design consultation of global customers. Mail: Web: