What are the new application forms of distributed photovoltaic power generation?

Photovoltaic power generation has significant environmental and economic benefits and is one of the best green energy sources. The installation of a 1 kW photovoltaic power generation system under the average sunshine conditions in China can generate 1200 kilowatt hours of electricity in one year, reduce the use of coal (standard coal) by about 400 kg, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 1 ton. Distributed photovoltaic power generation can provide us with more living convenience and additional income.

Distributed photovoltaic power generation includes grid connected, off grid and multi energy complementary micro grid applications. Grid connected distributed generation is mostly used near users. Generally, it operates in parallel with medium and low voltage distribution networks and is used for its own purposes. When it cannot generate electricity or power is insufficient, it buys electricity from the grid and sells electricity to the grid when it is surplus.

PV grid connected power generation combined with buildings is an important application form of current distributed PV power generation. The technology has made rapid progress, mainly in the installation method combined with buildings and the electrical design of building PV. According to the different installation methods combined with buildings, it can be divided into PV building integration and PV building addition.

Spontaneous self use surplus power grid connection means that the power generated by the distributed photovoltaic power generation system is mainly used by the power users themselves, and the surplus power is connected to the grid.

It is a business mode of distributed photovoltaic power generation. For this operation mode, the photovoltaic grid connection point is set at the load side of the user’s electricity meter, and it is necessary to add a photovoltaic reverse power meter or set the grid electricity meter to two-way metering. The photovoltaic electricity directly used by the user can directly enjoy the sales price of the grid in the way of saving electricity charges. The reverse power is measured separately and settled at the specified grid price.

Full grid connection means that all the electricity generated by the distributed photovoltaic power generation system is sold to the grid company, and the grid company purchases all the electricity generated by the power station at the local photovoltaic power generation benchmark grid price.

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