Elemac Solar System technical solutions

In recent years, the state has given great support to new energy power generation represented by photovoltaic and wind power, and the installed capacity of photovoltaic power plants has shown a trend of vigorous development under the background of policy and market drive. In the design of solar power station projects, the overall layout design is the first step in the overall design of the power station, which determines the overall technical plan of the photovoltaic system.

Therefore, a reasonable design of the overall layout of the photovoltaic power station can improve land utilization, reduce the amount of cables used, reduce line losses, and at the same time reduce the amount of construction and installation related works in the photovoltaic power station, optimize the design from the source, and improve system efficiency , reduce system loss, thereby increasing the power generation of the photovoltaic system.

The overall layout of photovoltaic power stations follows: the principle of module layout with optimal power generation, the principle of plane layout that implements land conservation, and the basic principles of meeting production and living needs.

Photovoltaic power station mainly includes: photovoltaic square array, step-up station or switch station and auxiliary facility area, 10kV and above AC current collection lines in the station, local inverter step-up unit, roads and passages in the station, and safety protection facilities.

Before designing a photovoltaic project, designers should collect and understand some external conditions of the project, including the location of the project, surrounding traffic conditions, and nearby power access systems. Through the understanding of these basic conditions, the subsequent design can be made more reasonable.

When designing a photovoltaic field, the designer should understand and analyze the topography of the field, formulate a preliminary overall design plan for the photovoltaic area, and combine the natural terrain and environment of the land, as well as the nature of use, function, and process requirements, to make a reasonable layout , the road network structure is clear, and the office and equipment streamlines are reasonable and orderly. The natural slope and orientation of the selected site will affect the photovoltaic power station. Combined with the current level of photovoltaic power station construction technology, generally speaking, the natural slope of the photovoltaic power station site is within 35°, and the slope of the photovoltaic site faces the south, which is most conducive to the layout of the photovoltaic power station.

With the base-based development of new energy projects, the construction of photovoltaic power stations is gradually developing in the direction of scale and centralization. The general drawing design is the first step in the design process. A reasonable overall layout can not only carry out the preliminary work of the project Reasonable optimization, accelerated construction progress, and reduced infrastructure costs can make the project more convenient and efficient in later maintenance and operation.