Sunkean H1Z2Z2-K, the highest solar CPR certification: Cca-s1b,d0,a2

What are the CPR ratings?

Products are tested and certified with an Euro class ranging from A to F depending on their flame characteristics

Additional Classifications

In the CPR framework, three additional classification levels have been established:

– The amount of smoke produced

– The flaming droplets released by the cable during combustion

– The acidity of the smoke

More and more public places required Cca class cables to comply with the European standard, such as the rooftop ( hotels, hospitals, markets, and similar)

But Why CPR is so important in rooftop installations?

According to the European Construction Products Regulation (CPR), the Cca classification is the highest fire safety regulation for public places.

In many European countries, it is a must to use Cca cables in installation, such as Belgium.

Please remember to ask your supplier for the DoP,  to verify that the CPR certification is appropriate and that the cable meets all the necessary European requirements.

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