ArtSign’s Roof Hooks

When customers receive ArtSign’s product catalogue, they will find there’s so many kinds of products, especially the roof hook, there’s aluminum roof hook, steel roof hook. How to choose the suitable roof hook ?

1.Stainless steel roof hook

ArtSign has all kinds of solar roof hooks. Most are suitable to fix solar panels on tile roof; Some are suitable fix on metal or tin roof, such as AS-RH-03, AS-RH-03B.

The AS-RH-09 is both suitable to mounting solar panels on tile roof and metal roof PV installation.

2.Aluminum Roof Hook
The aluminum roof hook are mostly designed for metal roof. The section size of different metal roof are different, to protect the metal sheet without any drilling, a suitable roof clip to the metal sheet is very necessary. Thus, Art Sign engineers has designed many kinds of roof brackets to meet different customers’ demands.

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