Art sign best solar solution for roof mounting structure

Art sign can supply rooftop and ground mounting structure with quality material aluminum and carbon steel .
Rooftop mounting structure includes : aluminum roof bracket , stainless steel roof hooks,module clamps, grounding clips, cable clip , adjustable tilt kits, triangle kit and accessories, aluminum profile and accessories .
Art sign ‘s hot sale rooftop mounting structure includes : tile roof mounting system and metal roof mounting system :
Let me first recommend our Tile roof mounting structure : components is as below :
Aluminum Rail —-D nut series which has 4 types of rail to suitable for different wind load and snow load request .
Rail splice we have two type of rail splice for your option
Mid and end clamp to fit with rail
Stainless steel roof hook :we have many types of stainless steel roof hook to meet your requirement and we also can make it according to your own design or sample .

I would like to show you some picture of our tile roof project as below :

Tile roof mounting structure

Art sign another hot sale metal roof mounting structure : components as below :
Aluminum rail —–T bolt series (D nut series is alternative )
Rail splice : AS-RS-09 rail splice is suitable for T bolt series
Mid and end clamp
Five types of L feet to suitable for your option with different height of L feet such as : height 84mm, 105mm,125mm and 150mm.
We also have many designs of non-penetrating aluminum roof bracket for metal roof which is easy for install and economic .
I would like to show you some pictures of metal roof project as below :

adjustable tilt kits
Metal roof mounting system

For tile roof and metal roof we all offer you pre-assembled accessories which will save your time and labour cost .
Xiamen art sign co.,ltd can produce 15-20MW of mounting structure per month, and we are professional on customized products such as Tile roof mounting system,Metal roof mounting system,Aluminum ground mounting system, solar farm mounting system and so on .
Welcome to send us any inquiry and we will offer you good price and best service and excellent products .

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