Photovoltaic projects in the Middle East

At present, the Middle East is dominated by traditional energy, but it has plenty of sunshine resources and large transformation space: the Middle East accounts for 31% of the world’s oil production, 18% of the world’s natural gas production, and oil and gas account for the bulk of its energy structure. However, the Middle East is dominated by tropical deserts, with abundant sunshine resources in most areas, and the photovoltaic power generation potential in some areas can reach 1800kwh/kwp. If photovoltaic transformation is carried out in the power system, there will also be a good resource endowment foundation.

The transformation of global carbon neutrality is forced, and the policies of countries in the Middle East help the transformation of new energy: under the background of global carbon neutrality, the goals of countries in the climate conference form a political driving force. Under the background of strong demand for energy transformation in the Middle East, China’s photovoltaic enterprises open up new space in the overseas market.

China’s photovoltaic industry chain has significant global advantages. The global market share of key links such as silicon materials/silicon wafers/batteries/modules and other auxiliary materials is more than 70%. It has taken the lead in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Abu Dhabi and other countries. In the future, with the continuous promotion of photovoltaic installation goals in various countries, the shipments of China’s photovoltaic leaders in corresponding countries are expected to continue to increase.

China’s photovoltaic products are exported to Middle East countries in large quantities. China’s friendly international trade cooperation with other countries has also strengthened the cooperation of more photovoltaic projects.

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