182mm Photovoltaic Module 400W 405W 410W 415W 420W Full Black Home Solar Panels IEC UL

(1) The solar cell is divided into two, the main gate current is halved, the current loss of the whole component is reduced to 1/4 of the original, and the output power is about 5-10W higher than that of the same type of whole battery assembly.

(2) The hot spot temperature of the half-chip module assembly is lower than the temperature of the same-type full-piece module
assembly by about 25 ° C, which can effectively reduce the hot spot effect of the component.

(3) Half-cut module components meet the 1500V system voltage design requirements, which can reduce the system-side cost by about 10%;

(4) Effectively reduce the loss of power generation caused by occlusion when there is shadow occlusion and ash accumulation or snow accumulation.

(5) Reduce the first year and the average photoinduced attenuation;

(6) 100% PID Free.

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