What issues should be noted during packaging, transportation, and storage of solar brackets?

Packaging note:

Suitable packaging boxes should be designed and selected based on the actual size, quality, packaging quantity, and other parameters of the product. The surface should be easily damaged, and the components should be packaged with plastic film or other soft materials before being boxed. When packaging, shockproof and shockproof materials should be used to fill between the components and between the solar mounting components and the packaging box. The packaging box should be accompanied by a product manual and a certificate of conformity.

Transportation note:

During the transportation process, the pv support bracket should choose a suitable transportation tool and take necessary rainproof measures. The packaging should be intact during transportation, loading and unloading, and measures should be taken to prevent rain, shock, and impact.

Storage note:

The solar panel support shall be stored in a dry, ventilated place without Corrosive substance.

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