How to effectively prolong the service life of solar mounting support?

The common Ground mount pv system generally adopts the form of concrete foundation or ground screw . The most important feature of any type of solar photovoltaic support design is weather resistance. The structure must be robust and reliable, capable of withstanding atmospheric erosion, wind loads and other external effects. Safe and reliable installation, maximum use results with minimum installation costs, almost maintenance-free, reliable repairs, these are important factors to consider when making a selection plan.

Highly wear-resistant materials were used in the solution to resist wind snow loads and other corrosive effects. Comprehensive use of aluminum alloy anodizing, ultra-thick hot-dip galvanizing, anti-UV aging and other technical processes to ensure the service life of solar brackets and solar tracking.

At present, the commonly used photovoltaic support foundation, one is the solar bracket cement foundation type, and the other is the ground screw base ground mount. The cement-based photovoltaic support usually adopts an independent foundation or a strip foundation, and the production method is prefabricated or cast-in-place. Its outstanding advantages are that the amount of steel used is low, and it is basically not restricted by geological conditions. The photovoltaic support has excellent anti-corrosion performance and safety hazards. smaller.

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