How to install solar hooks for tiled roof ?

Xiamen art sign co.,ltd can produce 15-20MW of solar mounting structure per month, and we mainly supply solar roof mounting system and solar ground mounting system .For sloped roof mounting,there are tile roof solar mounting system and metal roof solar mounting system.For most of residential roof which are tiles,it is commonly to see applying solar panel upon it for power generation,it is known that tile roofs and solar panel are a great combination ,because a properly installed tile roof can last 100 years,this will be last longer than your solar panel (which usually have 25 year warranties) ,that means that you shouldn’t have to worry about needing to pay for removing your solar panels to fix a roof issue underneath.

If you have a tile roof,there are ways to install solar panels on the roof.

Fill the pre-drilled holes with ceylon.Place the hook and drive the mounting screws into the pre-drilled holes until the hook is. Secure.Then place the tiles back on the roof.

According to different tile roofs,various tile roof solar hooks will be choosed to fit the actual use,Art Sign has designed numerous solar tile roof hooks for your option.The Tile roof solar mounting system is suitable for nearly all coverings ,include pantile,plain tiles,slate tiles. Art Sign solar mounting system are fully compliant with European and other international standards on wind and snow load.

Art Sign Solar,founded in 2006, which is one of the biggest professional manufacturer of solar roof mounting system for flat roof,metal roof and tile roof, solar ground mounting system and relative solar mounting accessories in China, we also supply various solar mounting components. Committed to become the most trusted solar photovoltaic system solutions partners with enterprises from all over the world .

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