What are pros and cons of solar roof mounting system?

Xiamen art sign co.,ltd can produce 15-20MW of solar mounting structure per month, and we mainly supply solar roof mounting system and solar ground mounting system .Whether you are looking for a solar mounting solution for a pitched roof, flat roof and ground . Different kinds of solar panel mounting allow for design flexibility, varied aesthetics, and greater solar generation. Here at Art Sign Solar we have 17 years of experience designing and manufacturing various different Solar PV mounting systems.

Solar Roof Mounting structures are essentially rooftop solar structures. However, rather than concrete roofs, they are mounted on metal sheds/sheet roofing. These can be used in the residential sector, but are more popular among commercial and industrial consumers.
Business owners opt for shed mounts to install solar mounting over their factories, warehouses, cafeterias, etc. to independently generate clean energy and reduce their energy bills.
• Low Installation Cost
• Easy to maintain
• Turns the unused roof space into an energy generation spot
• Average power output
• Requires shadow-free roof space to set up panels
The biggest disadvantage of such solar installations is that it often leads to heating issue. Since the airflow gap between the modules and the metal roof is limited, panels tend to get heated up. This ultimately brings down the generation.
A solar roof mounting system can solve this problem. The InRoof structure uses solar panels as the roof and replaces sheet roofing. As there is ample gap beneath the modules, your generation goes up and electricity cost goes down!

Art Sign has been a leading manufacturer of solar mounting system in solar industry since 2006. We provide design & manufacture & sales & service customers support,and have exported top quality solar mounting structures to all over the world.

solar roof mounting system

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