How photovoltaic power plants cope with high temperature and heat waves in summer

The high temperature in summer this year has arrived, and high temperature warnings have been issued in many places. For the operation and maintenance of solar panels, it can be said that the pressure is not small. How to avoid the harm of high temperature weather to PV panels?

1.Arrange power station components reasonably

Regardless of whether it is a component or an inverter, the distribution box must be kept ventilated to ensure air circulation. It is important not to unreasonably arrange the arrangement of photovoltaic power station components in order to increase power generation, causing mutual shielding between modules and affecting heat dissipation and ventilation, resulting in low power generation.

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For users of photovoltaic agricultural greenhouses, it is best to arrange photovoltaic modules on the front side of the roof, and set up vents in the blind area of the rear side, so that the suitability of the operating temperature of photovoltaic modules can be guaranteed to the greatest extent without affecting the growth of crops. 

2. Inverter and distribution box also need to dissipate heat

Household inverters are generally of IP65 protection level, with a certain level of windproof, dustproof, and waterproof. However, when the inverter and the distribution box are working, they themselves also need to dissipate heat. It is best to install it in a place where it is shaded and sheltered from rain.

For outdoor installation, a simple awning should be built for the inverter and distribution box to prevent direct sunlight. Avoid making the temperature of the inverter and distribution box too high, which will affect the power generation.

3. Make sure that the surrounding areas of solar panels,solar inverter and distribution boxes are open and free of debris

In order to remove the influence of high temperature in a photovoltaic power station, in addition to ventilation, it is also necessary to pay attention to the external environment and ensure that there is no shelter around. If the power station is surrounded by lush weeds and vegetation for a long time, it will also affect the flow of air and cause power generation. It is necessary to remove weeds and vegetation in time.

Inverters and combiner boxes will generate a certain amount of heat during operation. If they are covered by dense weeds for a long time, the external heat dissipation of the equipment will be inhibited. If the heat cannot be dissipated for a long time, the equipment will overheat and cause failure.

4. Check whether the cable connection is firm

The cable bears the heavy responsibility of transmitting energy, and its connection must be very reliable. After extreme weather such as exposure to the sun, strong wind, and heavy rain, it is necessary to check whether the cable is firmly connected, especially the DC photovoltaic connector. Once loose, it will affect power generation. If the connection is not tight, it will burn out due to heat.