Newly launched adjustable aluminium solar roof hook

Art Sign is a leading manufacturer of solar mounting structure since 2006. It commitments to developing innovative solutions and offering unique, easy installation solar mounting products to worldwide market. Today I’d like to introduce you the newly launched adjustable aluminium solar roof hook:

Product name: Adjustable Aluminum Solar Hook

Product code: AS-A-RH-23

Image as below:

 solar mounting structure
solar roof hook

Adjustable solar hook is used for mounting solar panels on tile roofs or ceramic roofs. Features :
*Height is adjustable.
*It is corrosion resistance.
*Simple installation.
*This new hook has an extraordinarily high load capacity .

Adjustable solar hook
solar mounting structure

*Please note that this product does not include a wood screw, if you need the wood screw, it should purchase it from Art Sign separately *
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