How to install solar cable clip?

Since 2006, Art Sign is mainly producing the solar mounting system and relative accessories in China, all of our products are exported to Brazil, Romania, Belgium, France, South Africa etc..

PV wire clips is used for solar cable management, which is installed under the frame of solar panel or fixed on the solar mounting rail.

solar panel mounting cable clips

Easy install: without any tool
Anti rust material: SUS304/ plastic

Widely used: 4-6 m2 PV wires

Below please see our universal solar wire clamp types.

Solar cable clips fixed under the frame of solar panel

Number of way: 1 wayNumber of way: 2 ways
PV wire clipssolar cable clips
Number of way: 2 waysNumber of way: 3 ways
solar panel clipsPV wire clips

Solar panel cable clips fixed on solar mounting rails.

solar panel mounting cable clips

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