How to install earthing washer/grounding clips in solar mounting system?

Earthing is the method of discharging electrical energy into the earth with the help of a wire for safety and functional purposes. Grounding PV modules to reduce or eliminate shock and fire hazards is necessary and required.

Solar Panels Grounding Clips

Solar Panels Grounding Clips are used for earthing solar panel frame between solar inter clamps and aluminum profiles.
Material: SUS304
Multiple design to match various of aluminum rails
Prevent striking from lightning

solar panel mounting grounding clips

Below please see our universal solar earthing accessories
Solar earthing washer fixed with solar inter clamps.

Solar earthing washer
Solar grounding lug is used for earthing solar mounting system which installed the end of solar rail.

Solar grounding lug
Solar bonding jumper is installed between 2 aluminum rails for grounding the solar mounting.

Solar bonding jumper
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