How to Address Safety Problems Of PV Panels Mounting On Rooftop?

What Do You Concern Most When Installing PV Panels On Rooftops? Price? Quality? Safety?

There is no doubt that these three aspects always first come to mind for anyone considering installing solar mounting structures. And it is precisely these three points that are the advantages of ZIYAUN. Here, we’re gonna foucus on and talk about the safety issues every house owner should know before installation.

CEA (Clean Energy Associates) stated that it had performed over 600 rooftop PV safety audits in 14 countries, with 97% of them boasting major safety concerns: Enclosure Hotspots, Cables On Sharp EdgesImproperty Assembled ConnectionsGrounding IssuesWater ingress, Damaged ModulesCross-Mated ConnectorsPoor TerminationsModule Hotspots,  Broken/Damaged Connectors, , .

Top10 PV Safety Concerns

①Grounding issues were caused by incorrect designs, moisture or water intrusion, installation plans not followed by the crew, and problems overlooked by installation quality control personnel.

These factors could lead to several consequences, such as hazardous equipment current leakage and increased maintenance and system down time from inverter faults. But more importantly, it could endanger onsite personnel.

②Damaged modules were found to be a common issue among 47% of rooftop PV projects after grounding issues. Besides the extreme weather like hail or wind, electrical short circuits in the module, incorrect installation or cleaning methods, including walking on modules, were one of the major reasons. Leaving the lower the performance of modules aside by microcracking, there might be also electrical fault and shock, and fire safety risks.

Cross-mated connectors were the third most common safety problem, which could lead to water intrusion and corrosion, along with arcing in connector housing, potentially leading to a fire.

Other safety concerns included poor terminations, improperly assembled connectors, and module hotspots…What Does ZIYUAN do to address those problems?

Being a supplier for solar panel mounting brackets, we focus a lot on optimizing the earthing, cables arranging, heightened structure and waterproof. We strive to provide our customers with convenient installation solutions to help them reduce time, labor, and money cost. At the same time, we have been always constantly updating and optimizing our products and services to ensure our customers’ safety and satisfaction.

As an integrated manufacturer and trader, ZIYAUN has its own factory with more than 10 years of manufacturing experience. The production line has strict quality control, ensuring excellent product quality. Among the 100+ employees in ZIYAUN, there is a team of experienced senior engineers, who always insist on continuous innovation, optimization, and keeping up with market demands.

Therefore, ZIYAUN is able to provide competitive factory-direct prices, absolutely high-quality products, professional and secure product services.  If you have any plans to install solar panels, please let us know. ZIYAUN’s dedicated customer service team will sincerely do our best to assist you.