ART SIGN Solar Mounting Systems on Trapezoidal Roofs

ART SIGN, as a solar racking provider since 2006, adhering to quality first, and is recognized by its superior quality performance, will continuously provide value to customers around the world with high quality solar mounting system products and comprehensive services. Hopefully, this blog will give more clarity about the installation of PV mounting systems on trapezoidal roofs.

Trapezoidal roof sheeting is an efficient and cost-effective roof covering material most commonly used on roofs over 5 degrees pitch. This makes it a common roof covering for large/commercial properties. With the combination of large, often unobstructed areas, and existing roof tilt/pitch it makes trapezoidal roofs a great option for Solar PV.

How are panels mounted to this roof type? For trapezoidal mounting systems the most common and cost-effective solution is mini rail mount, to secure short rail directly to the roof surface with screws, then place the panels directly on these rails and hold them in place with the use of panel end and mid clamps.

The short rail often include some kind of waterproofing layer, like EPDM pad on the underside.

secure short rail to the roof surface with screws, and EPDM pad for waterproofPlace the panel on the short rail and fix with end clamp
mini rail mountend clamp
fix panels on short rail with mid clampPanels in portrait orientation
mid clampPanels in portrait orientation

The decision to place the modules in portrait or landscape orientation can be influenced by many factors, such as system performance, roof tilt/pitch, roof orientation or roof obstructions. The mounting system cost can be significantly affected by the panel orientation because it determines the length of the profile required. Panels in portrait mean the profiles run horizontally and therefore span the distance between the crowns of the trapezoidal sheeting. So, when the crowns are 333mm apart for example your profile needs to be slightly longer than this. However, when placing panels in landscape your profiles can run vertically up the length of the crown and therefore is not affected by the crown spacing and means a very short profile can always be used. The shorter the profile the cheaper the system becomes, hence why landscape orientation is the cheapest option from a mounting system perspective.

placing panels in landscapeplacing panels in portrait
PV mounting systems panel end and mid clamps

ART SIGN offers a full range of pitched roof mounting systems, with portrait or landscape orientation available. Our engineer team is happy to assist with large projects of mounting design. For any inquiry on solar panel mounting system, please contact us, E-mail:, Whatsapp / Wechat / Skype: +86 18030235875, thank you.