Newest material of S350GD+ZM (Zinc Aluminum Magnesium) steel was widely used in solar ground mounting in 2023!

Since 2006, ART SIGN is mainly designing and manufacturing the solar mounting system both for rooftop and ground solar projects..

About 5 years ago, hot dipped galvanized steel was used on steel solar ground mounting, but now, we changed to new material S350GD+ZM STEEL, due to it is special feature company to HDG steel as below sheet. No only these features, the new material is cheaper, more environmental while stronger.

solar mounting system

Now, almost all the solar mounting manufactures use new material S350GD+ZM steel to produce steel solar mounting system.

Art Sign is one of the top manufactures of solar mounting in China, we started to learn this material about 5 years ago, and now are are familiar with this material and developed both rooftop and ground steel solar mounitng system or accessories.

Below are some ZM steel solar mounting accessories which has been applied pattent in European and USA.

Art Sign can provide OEM, if you have any idea or any request of steel accessories, please feel free to contact with us. We have strong R&D team, reliable production team who can provide you the satisfied products as you need.

Steel Solar End BracketSteel Solar Middle Bracket
 Steel Solar End BracketSteel Solar Middle Bracket
steel solar mounting systemsolar ground mounting

Except solar steel accessories, ZM steel is also windely used on complete solar mounting system.

For you learning more about the usage of ZM steel in solar mounting, we would like to show you some cases both on rooftop and ground all over the world.

Steel solar roof mounting system
Steel solar roof mounting systemsolar mounting systemsolar mounting
Steel solar ground mounting system
Steel solar ground mounting systemSteel Solar Middle Bracket

Art Sign can design the solar mounting solution as your detailed request, customized standard solar structure is also available.

For any inquiry for solar panel mounting system please contact us., Whatsapp / Wechat:0086 180 3023 5875.