South Africa solar mounting projects

Recently years, South Africa solar energy is expanding more and more. And then we export many solar mounting structures to South Africa, mostly is our roof solar mounting brackets, metal roof solar mounting brackets and tile roof solar mounting brackets, roof solar aluminum structures and stainless steel roof hook tile roof solar structures.So that we have many big customers from South Africa, and they are buy many solar aluminum mounting brackets from us.

Metal roof solar aluminum mounting brackets are hot selling in South Africa, has aluminum L feet, aluminum roof hook and aluminum solar clips, they are easy to handle to fix solar mountings,The below I showed that is our aluminum roof hook tin roof solar mounting structures installed in South Africa. This aluminum roof hook fixed is our hanger bolt, we also have self-tapping screws used our aluminum roof hook. And then fix our solar rails, solar clamps and then finished.

roof solar mounting brackets

And the second is that our stainless steel roof hook tile roof solar mounting brackets, we have many solar steel roof hooks for choice, and we also have solar aluminum roof hooks for more choice,they also used our solar rails, solar clamps to fixed. It is easy to handle,the below I showed you is our stainless steel roof hook tile roof solar mounting brackets installed on tile roof.

roof solar aluminum structures

Anyway, our aluminum solar roof mounting structures and our steel solar roof mounting structures hot selling in South Africa, also sells in Australia, our Australia customers usually buy from us is our aluminum solar roof hook, that also can called aluminum L feet, solar L feet and so on. Such large amounts of for these countries.Our solar mounting structures hot selling around the world, and hot selling products are our solar aluminum roof mounting brackets, aluminum roof hook, solar roof hook, solar L feet, aluminum L feet, solar rails, solar clamps, solar mini rails, steel roof hook, solar steel roof hook and all the solar mounting brackets and so on.

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