Artsignenergy: New design mini AU mini rail

Solar mini rail is very popular these years, because its easy and flexible installation, and very economical as well. In order to meet the various demands of the short solar rail in the market, ArtSign always design and develop different types of design.

Recently, ArtSign design a mini solar rail, call AU mini rail.

short solar rail

Using this solar panel mounting rail, solar panels can be fixed very flexibly.

mini solar rail

The material of this solar rail is anodized aluminum 6005-T5. The standard length is 385mm or 400mm, these two length are most widely used in the market. The length can be customized too, customers can order different length according to their demands.
Below drawing shows the dimension details of this solar short rail.

solar panel mounting rail

Besides the length, the holes can be customized as well. In the drawing above, there are 16 holes, diameter is 7mm, customers can request to drill other types of holes accordingly. But 16 holes design is the most widely application.

Mostly, the mini rail is fixed at the site of purlins of roof. The material of purlin could be wood or metal. In this case, you can use different types of self-drilling screws to fix the solar mounting rail, for example, ST6.3×25 self-drilling screw, ST6.3×75 self-tapping screw, these two kinds of screw are suitable to metal purlins, or ST6.3×80 wood screw for wood purlin.

solar rail

For water-proof of the metal roof, there will be rubber sealant stick on back side of the rail.
As below picture show, the sealant pad will be glued on both end side of the rail. The size of sealant pad here is 90x75mm, this size can be customized according to different needs.

solar short rail

Two kinds of nuts for this AU mini rail: D1 and D2 nut. D1 can be only slid in from the sides, but not be inserted from any middle position. D2 nut can be inserted at any site of the rail.

solar mounting rail

Two kinds of solar mounting middle clamp are suitable to this mini rail.

solar mounting middle clamp

And three types of solar mounting end clamps for selection:

solar mounting end clamps

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