N-type Bifacial Solar Modules-TÜV North Germany Outdoor Demonstration Quality and Effect Award!

At the launching ceremony of “TÜV North Germany Digital Quality Demonstration 2.0” and the award ceremony of “2021 Digital Future•Quality and Efficiency—Outdoor Demonstration Quality and Efficiency Award”, we won the “-TÜV North Germany Outdoor Demonstration Quality and Efficiency Award (N-type Bifacial Mono Crystalline Solar Modules)”. The award aims to commend and encourage outstanding enterprises that have made outstanding contributions to the promotion of efficient technology development, and pay tribute to the promoters of the development of efficient technology.

On July 15, the “Data Creates the Future. Quality and Efficiency Global” high-efficiency technology outdoor demonstration seminar hosted by TÜV North Germany and undertaken by photovoltaics was held in Yiwu, Zhejiang. The seminar focused on the current market’s demand for evaluating the quality and efficiency of the actual outdoor operation of high-efficiency photovoltaic solar products, focusing on the current status and development trend of the green energy market, the development trend of large-size solar cells, high-efficiency module technology, and outdoor demonstration technology solutions for energy storage systems, and cost reduction Energy efficiency and low-cost innovation, green carbon footprint and other hot topics in the industry, energy institutions, market analysis institutions, leading manufacturers, laboratories, design institutes, terminal owners and other related companies in the photovoltaic industry chain gathered together to participate in discussions on China’s photovoltaics The route of industrial technology innovation and the opportunities and challenges that the industry faces in the context of the dual-carbon goal.

Niwa series of high-efficiency bifacial solar modules released a total of 3 products, Niwa Pro and Niwa Super are equipped with the world’s first J-TOPCon2.0 half-cell cell technology, which is based on a new generation of tunneling oxide layer and doped amorphous silicon deposition passivation contact technology Manufacturing, mass production efficiency has achieved a leap from 23.5% to 24.5%. It has the advantages of no LID and LETID risks, low temperature coefficient, high reliability, etc., which provides a strong guarantee for further reducing the cost of electricity, and the cost of electricity is even comparable to high-efficiency PERC solar cells. Niwa series modules can be widely used in large-scale ground power stations, floating power stations, distributed and BIPV projects. The double-sided ratio of more than 80% makes it suitable for various installation methods and external environmental conditions, such as vertical installation, oblique installation, and high-efficiency power generation under extreme conditions such as snow, desert and other high temperature, strong wind and sand areas.  Niwa Black, which is mainly used in BIPV, has an all-black aesthetic design, high-efficiency power generation, but also highlights the exquisite appearance, bringing customers the ultimate home photovoltaic experience. Niwa series products are truly noble but not expensive, and have the best of both worlds.