SOEASY new product recommendation—solar ballast bracket

Photovoltaic solar energy has become increasingly prosperous with the rise of clean energy, and people have gradually understood and recognized this new thing. What was the emergence of pieces of blue roofs that could “generate electricity to get rich”, slowly spreading to all corners of the world’s territory.

SOEASY launched a new product—solar ballast bracket, which is an excellent engineering solution for fixing solar panels on the bracket in an array on a flat roof. The bracket is supported by four single columns on one side and fixed with angled aluminum in the middle to ensure the stabilization, and can realize the overall adjustment of front, rear, left, and right, effectively reducing the requirements for installation accuracy. Compared with the traditional ballast bracket, the material consumption is greatly reduced, thereby saving the material cost.

The whole structure is composed of lightweight and high-strength aluminum alloy, which has strong corrosion resistance, is green and environmentally friendly, and can be reused. The structure fully takes into account factors such as load-bearing, wind resistance, and earthquake resistance, undergoes rigorous calculations and tests to ensure safety and reliability.

Most parts are preassembled in the factory before being delivered to the installation site, thereby effectively improving the installation efficiency on site, saving time and labor costs for the reduction of photovoltaic projects. The construction error is fully considered, the structure is ingeniously designed, so that it has a flexible adjustment function, and the error of the support foundation can be adjusted through the unique adjustment function to reduce the difficulty of construction.

Installing a photovoltaic solar energy on the roof not only has the effect of heat insulation and beauty, but also can create green income, preserve the value of one’s own roof, and play a green and environmental protection role. In fact, many industrial and commercial bosses do not realize that large-area roofs that are idle are a precious resource, especially for production enterprises whose roofs range from several thousand square meters to tens of thousands of square meters.

If photovoltaic solar energy is installed on these roofs, they can be used power by themselves, and the remaining electricity can be connected to the Internet, and corporate benefits will become better. This can not only save electricity bills, heat insulation, but also help companies fulfill their social responsibilities for energy conservation and emission reduction. At the same time, this is a demonstration project that can guide customers to the site to observe and understand the advantages and benefits of photovoltaic power generation more intuitively.

With the strong support of the country and the rapid development of the photovoltaic industry, photovoltaic solar energy has also become a standard configuration for roofs and open spaces, and has become a well-known “financial management product”.

SOEASY (Xiamen) Photovoltaic Technology CO., Ltd., in addition to deep cultivating markets in Japan, Southeast Asia, and Europe, domestic photovoltaic power generation has also been a key business. We make full use of our geographical advantages, give full play to our professional design and high-efficiency production capacity, provide photovoltaic support and design services for photovoltaic solar energy in Fujian, Jiangsu and other provinces, and have a relatively high market share.