The AL6005-T5 Solar Mounting Mini rail 12: Customizable, Efficient, and Versatile

Choosing the right solar mounting system is crucial for seamless installation and long-term efficiency. Discover the unique features and adaptability of our AL6005-T5 solar Mounting Mini rail, tailored to meet diverse project needs.Material and Surface Treatment
AL6005-T5 Composition: This durable material ensures long-lasting performance, exhibiting excellent corrosion resistance for outdoor applications.

Anodized Surface Treatment: Enhances longevity and preserves the system’s aesthetics, providing a reliable solution for varied environmental conditions.Color Options and Customization

Varied Color Palette: Choose from silver, black, or opt for customized colors to seamlessly integrate the system with specific project aesthetics.Key Features
Lightweight Design: Easy to transport and handle, reducing logistical challenges during installation.

Pre-made Holes: Eliminates on-site drilling, streamlining installation and reducing labor time.Customizable Lengths

Multiple Length Options: Choose from standard cutting lengths of 385mm, 400mm, or request customized sizes to suit specific project requirements.Two Solution Types for Different Installations

Solution 1 – Mini Rail with T-Bolt and N Module Installation:

Solar Mounting Mini rail

Mini Rail Compatibility: Supports T-bolt and N module installations, ensuring compatibility with T-bolt mid clamps and end clamps for secure panel fixation.

Solution 2 – Mini Rail with D nut Clamp:

solar mounting system

Ease of Use: Designed to accommodate D nut clamps, providing a user-friendly solution for specific installation scenarios.

Panel Orientation Flexibility
Portrait and Landscape Orientation: Versatile design allows for the installation of solar panels in both portrait and landscape orientations, catering to varied project requirements.

The AL6005-T5 solar mounting rail offers unparalleled adaptability, effortless installation, and versatility to accommodate diverse panel types and orientations. Experience the ease of installation and reliability this system brings to your solar projects.

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