SOEASY Solar Carport

Happy New Year everyone in advance!

Today I will share with you the SOEASY solar carport.

With the rapidly development of urbanization, the space in the city is becoming less and less. This also caused us to rarely see solar ground projects in cities. But there is a design of ground bracket that is becoming more and more popular–solar carport.

solar carport

The reasons are that solar carports provide for the effective use of existing parking space and not only convert sunshine into electric energy but also maximize usage of land resources, and protect vehicles from rain and the harsh effects of the sun. Use a Chinese proverb to describe: Killing three birds with one stone. How can such a solar structure design not be liked?

And the solar carport designed by SOEASY is better than most carports on the market, specifically reflected in the following aspects:

Carport Systems

l  High percentage of factory preassembled components deliver significant installation savings.

l  Easy installation. We provide a simple and easy installation guide. These main structural components of the system are marked with different colors so that you can easily understand how and where to put all the components together by matching each other with the same color.

l Carport systems allow for generous tolerances for vertical and horizontal adjustment.

l  A completely modular installation provides a no conflict installation program.

If you have an open-air parking space, then install the SOEASY solar carport will be your best choice !