Carport Solar Mounting Structure


Aluminum Carport Solar mounting system completed with Ground Screw finished installation in Japan. (6*N, Landscape layout, tilt angle 5 degrees, ground clearance 2300mm).

Since more and more farmer requested to install the solar system on their place but do not broke the earth environment and also need to keep enough solar energy power. Kingfeels suggest and design the carport solar system adopts use Aluminum Structure combine with Ground Screw In this solution, it will be more affordable, friendly for the environment. Ground Screw as the installation foundation would more save the install cost, short the ramming time, reduce the pollution of the land environment.

For the aluminum support parts adopts anodize Al600-T5 and pre-assembly in our factory before delivery. Ground Screw is using Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel Q235 (film thickness 80μm), diameter 76mm and thickness 3mm or 4 mm, enough strength for kind of terrain. Ground Screw Mounting also suitable for slope, less sandy land.

Xiamen Kingfeels Energy Technology is a manufacturing and trading combo, produce and export the aluminum solar mounting system for many years, achieved the customer’s higher approval and trust. We supply suitable for the environment solar mounting system, and also consider and provide a safe & reliable solution, human care, and with the primary goal of saving customer’s costs.

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