The United States exempts double-sided module tariffs and lowers the 201 tariff rate!

On November 16, the U.S. Court of International Trade (CIT) officially announced the restoration of the 201 tariff exemption for double-sided modules and lowered the 201 tariff rate. This means that bifacial solar modules can be imported into the United States without additional tariffs. CIT announced that it will officially restore the 201 tariff exemption and reduce the section 201 tax rate from 18% to 15% (previously, the tax rate was increased to 18% in Announcement 10101 during the Trump administration). These two changes , The additional tariffs previously levied will be refunded to relevant enterprises. CIT stated, “The previous Announcement No. 10101 revoked the tariff exemption for double-sided solar panels and increased the guarantee responsibility for CSPV modules. This constitutes an obvious misunderstanding of the legal regulations and also exceeds the President’s authorization. Range.”