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Constantly innovate, keep surpassing!Go rushDAH Solar global patented product full-screen PV modules are arriving at Mexico soon, look forward to seeing you.

full-screen PV modules

What is Full-Screen PV Module
There is no frame on the front of the Full-Screen PV Module, but a whole piece of glass. The side uses a Curved Surface 128° R Angle with Prefect tactile, which not only has a good anti-collision effect on the modules, but also has a more beautiful appearance and a better handling feel,Optimized Delivery and Installation Experience.A simple understanding of the full-screen module is similar to the full-screen mobile phone we use, which can be seen at a glance by comparing the photos below.

Full Screen High Efficiency Solar Panel

What are the core advantages of Full-Screen PV Module compared to Normal PV Module?
No water, No dirt left on the Surface, Full Screen PV Module is capable to decrease power generation loss.The modules are operated outdoors all year round. Due to the height difference between the frame and the glass, the rainwater cannot be drained out of the normal modules. In rainy and snowy weather, or in areas with heavy dust, the modules are prone to water and dust accumulation, especially at the bottom of the module, which affects the power generation of the entire module. For full-screen module there is no height difference between the frame and the glass, No water No dirt left on the Surface andit Design Strong Self-cleaning Ability, Effectively reduce power generation loss, as well as manual cleaning frequency and operation and maintenance costs.

Full Screen PV Module

How much does water and dirt affect the power generation ofnormal modules?
The average power generation loss is over 6%. Research by professional institutions has shown that among the various factors that affect power generation, module dirt andshadowingaccount for 25%, which is also confirmed by outdoorfiledcomparison experiment between full-screen and normal modules. The test data of past year shows that, without manual cleaning and only natural washing by rain, the average power generation of the 182 full-screen module with the same battery and version is 6.15% higher than that of the 182 normal module.,in some days even higher than 9.62%. With time, due to the continuous accumulation of dust, the difference in power generation between the full screen and the normal modules will gradually increase.

Full Screen PV Module

The front of the module is all glass, how reliable is it?
No difference from normal modules. The full-screen PV modules adopts a unique and innovative structural design to make it have the same reliability as normal modules. This is also one of the core technologies of the full-screen PV module patent. According to the TÜV laboratory’s tests of damp and heat, high and low temperature cycle, mechanical load, and combined rigorous, the full-screen PV module has excellent waterproof performance (IP68) and mechanical load performance (5400Pa on the front and 2400Pa on the back). In addition, according to the climate characteristics of different regions in the outdoor demonstration test, the full-screen module can increase the power generation by more than 6.15% compared with the normal module, and won the “TÜV North German Outdoor Demonstration Quality and Effect Award”.

full screen PV module

How wide is the applicationof the full-screen patent? Has it been mass-produced?
Full screen technology can be applied to 99% of the modules on the market.(Except for some customized components such as frameless or BIPV).The core technology of the full-screen PV module lies in the innovative structural design and manufacturing process. At the beginning of the design, the compatibility with the mainstream modules on the market has been considered. Therefore, as long as the full-screen patented technology and process of DAH Solar is adopted, it is enough to apply the full screen technology to modules of various layouts and sizes.

full screen solar panels

Solar Power Mexico , 2021 | Mexico City, Mexico,Welcome to visit DAH Solar booth C37.
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