Pakistan steps up Solar PV development

In recent years, Pakistan has been promoting the development of renewable energy.

SOEASY solar brackets has also gradually entered to the Pakistan market, we work with Caterpillar Pakistan company on many projects. Last month, SOEASY group just finished the 1MW ground mounting Project in Karachi.

Solar Terrain Rack

(Pakistan passed the income tax exemption act to promote the development of solar PV industry)

Nowadays, SOEASY solar brackets are very popular in the Pakistan market. SOEASY solutions involve the ground mounting, rooftop mounting in Karachi and Lahore. Most projects are above 1MW.

Advantage of SOEASY brackets as below:

1、Complain production chain from raw material to products

2、Large in stock, Less affected by Market Floating, stable price

3、Rank Top 5 in China, Aluminum Profile Industry

4、State grade lab for chemical and mechanical test

5、The largest oxidation electrophoresis equipment in the world

6、15 Years Guarantee

There’s data to show that the number of solar installations in Pakistan will increase from the current 1GW to nearly 5GW by 2022. In the process of increasing the share of solar renewable energy, Pakistan will continue to implement a competitive bidding system to ensure the transparency of investment in the development of solar renewable energy projects.