Pv tracking support system strives to provide you with more efficient production capacity

In the past 20 years, China’s photovoltaic industry has developed rapidly from small to large. Photovoltaic supports can be mainly divided into fixed supports and tracking supports, and fixed supports mainly include optimal tilt Angle fixed type and fixed adjustable type. Tracking supports mainly include flat uniaxial, oblique uniaxial and biaxial supports, which can make photovoltaic modules follow the position of the sun throughout the day, reduce the incidence Angle of sunlight, and improve the solar energy absorption rate of photovoltaic modules.

The specific selection of solar tracking system is closely related to the dimension and terrain of the project location, and it is more used in ground power stations. Due to the limited site and general lighting conditions in distributed photovoltaic projects, it is not economical to install tracking bracket.

In the tracking bracket, the single-axis tracking solar bracket has been widely used because of its high cost performance. Generally, pv power plants can bring 15-20% increase in power generation, and in some low-latitude areas with abundant light resources, it can even bring more than 20% increase in power generation.

Although the use of tracking bracket will increase the initial investment and operation cost, but because of the significant generation gain, can achieve lower KWH cost. According to Bloomberg New Energy, in the first half of 2021, the global average cost per kilowatt-hour of pv power station projects with tray-bracket systems was about $38 /MWh, significantly lower than fixed-bracket pv projects.

With the continuous technical iteration of tracking support, its performance in economy and reliability continues to improve, and its advantage over fixed support is expected to be further highlighted, thus promoting the improvement of tracking support. Kinsend is committed to the development and production of Solar Panel Support Structure systems. We will continue our exploration in the field of new energy and provide better products to the world. Looking forward to your communication with us, we will provide more perfect service.