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Battery cables are made of copper conductor which provides maximum power from the battery to the starter and is the best carrier of electricity.

What are Battery cable lugs?

Battery Cable Lugs are devices used for connecting cables to electrical appliances, other cables, surfaces, or mechanisms.

Battery Cable Lugs are lugs crimped to the ends of battery jumper cables and these clamp lugs connect wires to your automotive battery. It may be provided with safety covering to avoid shocks or protective covering to avoid damage to the lugs and connectors.

Battery Cable Lugs

What are Battery Cable Assemblies?

battery cable assembly is a short run of battery cable with both ends terminated that is used to connect one or more batteries to an electrical system. They can be terminated with a variety of ends and boots to handle just about any job. SUNEKAN manufactures battery cable assemblies in the most common gauges ranging from eighteen gauge (18AWG) to four aught (4/0AWG).

copper lug connectors

Every cable is assembled using a hydraulic press using sealed and tinned heavy duty terminal lugs. The copper lug connectors are produced from high conductivity copper for maximum current flow. A thin layer of tin has been applied to each copper lug to protect the terminal against corrosion caused by harsh environments. The inspection hole allows examining your connection to ensure the cable has been fully inserted into the terminal.A thick wall, heavy duty tinned lug dissipates heat better, and will not deform or allow the cable to pull out.

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