Low power loss solar connectors——H4 PV connectors-sunkean.com

SUNKEAN provides low power loss H4 connectors for photovoltaic systems features a locking design that meets  NEC handbook requirements. Contact systems are machined/cold-formed (CF) or stamped & formed (S&F), both with Amphenol’s RADSOK Insert. Additionally, improved gasket materials enhance reliability for long-term use in any environment. The connectors also include TUV-compliant touch-proof casings for increased product and user safety.

Male & Female H4 Plus 1500V Dual Certified DC Solar Connectors

H4 connectors feature self-cleaning, high efficiency grid contacts as well as long-term UV and ozone resistance to extend their life expectancy and performance. By incorporating proven Amphenol contact technology and manufacturing methods, these new connectors offer increased performance at a low price point.

  • Amphenol’s patented RADSOK technology
  • Secure cable sealing with ratcheting lock feature
  • UL 1500V, TÜV 1000V DC approved
  • Meets all 2008/2011 NEC handbook requirements
  • Quick and easy secure snap lock mating, per 2014 NEC handbook, paragraph 690.33(C)
  • Simple unlocking tool meets NEC requirements
  • Long-term UV resistance
  • Low contact resistance
  • Ready for field assembly

RoHS compliant H4 connectors use a simple unlocking tool for quick mating and un-mating in the field. These versatile and low-cost connectors can be used to connect multiple solar panels in strings and then combine boxes or inverters.

If you need, please contact us, thank you! Email: wendy@ske-tech.com