How To Install Pitch Roof Solar

1.tile roof solar racks

We have various styles of roof tile hook,1# general stainless steel tile hooks, The most popular is 12# adjustable stainless steel roof hook, and other stainless steel tile hooks, we can also customize stainless steel panel hook.

Installation steps for stainless steel solar tile roof hook.

1. Install the stainless steel rack
2. Install the aluminum solar mounting rail on the ceramic tile clamp
3. Install the aluminum solar clamp on the pv mounting rail

Which pv solar roof hook do you prefer?

2.metal roof support bracket

The most popular is the l feet flat roof solar panel mounting bracket,some customers prefer solar aluminium structure klip lock without penetrate the roof.

Installation steps for metal roof solar panel clamp.

1.Install the extrusion aluminium roof clamps
2.Install the solar aluminium mount rails on the aluminum solar hook
3.Install the solar panel fixing clamps on aluminum solar structure rail

Both roof tile hook and aluminum solar hook can be used with T bolt solar aluminium mount rails and D nut pv mounting rail, If you have your own solar aluminium mount rails, we can also customize it for you.

1. solar mini rail

mini rail solar mounting is the most cost-effective solution, You only need to use self-tapping screws to lock on the metal roof.

Is it very simple?