EV-YJ unshielded High Voltage cable for Electric Car | Sunkean.com

High-voltage cables for new energy vehicles must not only meet the common requirements of general fuel road vehicles, such as oil resistance, excellent electrical performance, excellent high and low temperature performance, mechanical performance, and heat resistance. Moreover, it also needs to meet the special requirements of electric vehicle lines, such as higher load current capacity, corrosion resistance of battery liquid overflow to cables and other characteristics.

SUNKEAN’ EV-YJ(unshielded) cables are used for EV car battery high voltage system, battery connection of energy storage system, and has good flexibility.The insulation material adopts thermoset elastomer, without halogen, follow the development direction of environmental protection products, and has passed the single vertical combustion test, which has good flame retardancy and high cable safety and reliability.


  • Electrical, physical properties, heat resistance, low temperature resistance (-40℃), pressure resistance, etc. comply with ISO6722 and GB/T 25058 regulations.
  • The rated voltage is 1500V, fully suitable for 1500V high voltage conditions, with stable and reliable high voltage resistance performance.
  • The product is soft and easy to bend, easy to install.
  • Bending radius ≥5xOD, especially suitable for short distance and narrow space corner wiring connection.
  • It has good heat resistance, and the general rated temperature is 125℃, which improves the current carrying capacity of the cable.
  • The insulation and sheath are easy to peel and cut.
  • It has the characteristics of flame retardant, acid and alkali resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, wear resistance, oil resistance, environmental protection and tear resistance.
  • The selected materials comply with ROHS environmental protection standards.
EV-YJ unshielded cable