What are the main types of solar photovoltaic power generation systems?

Photovoltaic power generation is based on the principle of photogenerating volt effect, using solar cells to directly convert solar light energy into electrical energy. Photovoltaic power generation system is mainly composed of solar panels (components), controllers and inverters, which are mainly composed of electronic components and do not involve mechanical components, so photovoltaic power generation is reliable, stable, long life, easy installation and maintenance.

What kinds of solar panel mountings systems are there? Solar photovoltaic power generation system is divided into off-grid photovoltaic power generation system, grid-connected photovoltaic power generation system and distributed photovoltaic power generation system.

1. Off-grid photovoltaic power generation system

The off-grid PHOTOVOLTAIC power generation system mainly consists of solar cell modules, controllers, and batteries. To supply power for AC loads, an AC inverter needs to be configured.

2. Grid-connected PHOTOVOLTAIC power generation system

Grid-connected PHOTOVOLTAIC power generation system is the direct current generated by solar modules through the grid-connected inverter converted to meet the requirements of the ac power grid and then directly connected to the public grid. The grid-connected solar power generation system has centralized large-scale grid-connected power stations, which are generally national-level power stations. The main characteristic is that the power generation can be directly transferred to the power grid, and the power grid can supply power to users uniformly. However, this kind of power station is difficult to develop due to its large investment, long construction period and large area of land. The distributed small grid-connected power generation system, especially the integrated photovoltaic building power generation system, is the mainstream of grid-connected power generation because of the advantages of small investment, fast construction, small footprint, large policy support and so on.

3. Distributed photovoltaic power generation system

Distributed photovoltaic power generation system, also known as distributed generation or distributed power supply, refers to the configuration of a small photovoltaic power supply system at or near the user’s site to meet the needs of specific users, support the economic operation of the existing distribution network, or meet the requirements of both aspects.

The basic equipment of distributed photovoltaic power generation system includes pv solar module,cell module, photovoltaic array bracket, DC bushbox, DC power distribution cabinet, grid-connected inverter, AC power distribution cabinet and other equipment, in addition to power supply system monitoring device and environmental monitoring device. Its operation mode is in the solar radiation conditions, photovoltaic power generation system of solar cell module array to convert solar energy output power, a dc bus concentrated into dc power distribution cabinet, by the grid inverter inverter into alternating current supply of building their own load, excess or shortage of electricity through the grid to adjust.

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