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Flat roof mounting system

The flat roof of photovoltaic system also has many forms, such as ballasted solar racking, metal deck flat roof, steel structure flat roof, spherical node roof, etc. Their characteristics are:

(1) Large scale and orderly laying can be realized.

(2) There are various stable and reliable connection modes with the foundation.

Slope roof mounting system

Although collectively referred to as inclined roof photovoltaic system, there are differences in some structures. Here are some common features:

Inclined roof mounting system  (inclined roof photovoltaic system):

(1) Adjustable height components are adopted to meet some requirements of tile roofs with different thickness.

(2) Most accessories are designed with multiple openings, which can realize the flexible adjustment of support position.

(3) Do not damage the waterproof system of the roof.

Groundi Plie /Screw solar support

The system is a foundation reinforcement structure, which is mainly to meet the installation requirements of large-size battery modules. It is generally used in areas with high wind speed. Ground mounting system for solar field installation. Large ground solar tracker mounting systems are becoming more popular.

Ground concrere base mounting system

Generally, in large-scale projects, concrete strips are often used as the basic form. It is characterized by:

(1) The structure is simplified and can be installed quickly.

(2) The adjustment form is more flexible and can be adjusted according to the complex requirements of the construction site.

Many customers are not clear about their choice of project installation scheme. Kinsend design team will provide the best design scheme reference according to the site photos, panel arrangement, terrain, climate and environment provided by you. Give customers a more comprehensive display of design effect. The following is our successful installation project. We look forward to exchanging case information with more customers and providing you with professional services.

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