Hot selling solar roof structures introduction –

Xiamen Art sign energy solar pv mounting structures manufacturer specializing in producing and designing solar pv mounting brackets has more than 16 years. All of our solar brackets are certificated by TUV/ISO/CE.

Now I would like to show you our hot selling and exports large qty solar roof brackets:

1.Tin/Metal roof L foot solar mounting brackets. This roof structures including L foot aluminum roof hook/solar rail/solar clamps.They are very easy installation and save your labor cost. Our solar clamps with D nut design and it is faster installation.

Tin/Metal roof L foot solar mounting brackets

2.Tile roof solar mounting structures: which has stainless steel roof hook/solar aluminum rail/solar mounting clamps. About stainless steel roof hook, we have more various for you choice and we also have adjustable hooks. Steel tile roof hook to fix with the roof beam and then use D nut to connect aluminum solar rail easy.

Tile roof solar mounting structures

3.Standing seam roof solar clip mounting brackets, which has aluminum solar clip/L foot/solar rail/solar clamps. This is non-penetrating the roof, various solar clips which is fit for your different roof shape. The panel can be installed on the rail or without rail, L foot or without L foot.(on roof clip directly)

Standing seam roof solar clip mounting brackets

4.Flat roof triangle solar aluminum structures which has adjustable tilt kit/aluminum triangle solar mounting,solar rail/solar clamps.Suitable for concrete flat roof and metal roof. adjustable type structure which has 3 angle range for options:10-15,15-30,30-60. All components will be pre-assembled. Pre-assembled triangle solar mounting is convenient to install.Also can install east-west solar mounting. Fixed customized degree or adjustable degree design.

Flat roof triangle solar aluminum structures