Solar Industry Solutions Cable Assemblies & Wire Harnesses |

As renewable energy becomes more and more widely used, more specialized components are required to meet the unique needs of this rapidly-evolving industry. We provide wire harnesses and cable assemblies that are designed to withstand the outdoor conditions, high UV exposure, high voltage, and high heat common in solar energy applications.

Solar PV wiring harnesses for solar panel wiring

All of our products are RoHS compliant, making them acceptable for use in solar installation anywhere in the world. Our solar wire harnesses are ETL certified and pass various performance tests before leaving the factory.

Please put your trust in SUNEKAN, experts in everything to do with connecting and cabling of PV installations.


Thanks to pre-assembled cable harnesses, produced partly automated, delivered ready for installation. You can reduce manual labor on site, avoid installation errors and malfunctions, and thus ensure the best possible PV system efficiency.


By using our pre-assembled components, reducing the installation costs and save a timeintensive and costly fault-finding or correction during operation. Delivered ready for installation, you reduce assembly time on site to a minimum.

SUNKEAN’s advantages of wire harness solutions:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Replaceable in-line fuse holders
  • Certified to ETL standard up to 1500V
  • Less junction & string cable
  • Better waterproof with inner & outer over-moldings with TPV material
  • Cable lengths and connectors can be customized