Mini rail – a very smart design for both roof and ground PV system

For a solar project, it is very important to choose a suitable solar mounting systemground solar plant should choose ground mounted systems, and roof solar plant should choose corresponding rooftop mounting system. Moreover, the design of each kind of system needs to be designed according to the layout of modules of the PV project, a set of solar mounting corresponds to one layout.

Is there a kind of solar racking system that can be used for both roof and ground installation, and can flexibly change the arrangement of the modules according to the area of the installation site?

Yes ! The mini rail solar system can meet your demands. Art Sign offers a wide selection of mini rails for your choice.

wide selection of mini rails

These are the best sale aluminum solar mounting rail. As you can see, the solar panel railing accessories of this system is very simple, only the mini rail, the solar panel mid clamp and solar panel end clamp. You can install this system on metal roof, and you can also install it for ground mounting system.

Aluminum solar panel roof mounting rails