How to choose the suitable solar mounting system for roof ?

There is many kinds of solar mounting systems for rooftop PV installation, then how to choose the suitable mounting system for your roof ?

First, it’s according to the roof type. In general, there are three main kinds of roof, include metal roof, tile roof and flat roof.

For metal roof, L foot solar racking system is the most popular solution by customers. Because it’s very easy to install. The components of L foot solar structure is pretty simple, only include L foot, solar rail, solar rail splice, solar panel clamp. The installation step is also very simple.

Step 1: install L feet to rooftop, fix by self-tapping screw or self-drilling screws. The rubber pad beneath L foot can protect the metal sheet from water very well. To make sure the waterproof effect better, you can stick the rubber pad by glue.

Step 2: Assemble the solar rails to L feet, and connect rails by rail splice.

Step 3: Now you can put solar modules on rails, and fix the solar panels by solar panel clamps, use middle clamp interior, and end clamps at end.
So you see, only three steps to install this mounting system. Very simple, isn’t it ?
You can ask, but I don’t want to damage the metal sheet. Is there any solution ?
Yes, in this case, you need a aluminum roof clamp, which is also very easy to handle.

Art sign has designed many kinds of solar roof clips for many kinds of roof.

You need to offer the details of the section of the metal sheet, then our engineer will analysis and recommend the most suitable solar roof clamp.
For tile roof, the installation is similar to metal roof, the only difference is the roof hook. For tile roof, the solar roof hook is mostly stainless steel material. Art sign also has a wide selection of roof hooks for your choice.

For flat roof, there are many choice for you. You can tell your requirements of the solar racking system you need to us, our engineer will design the most suitable mounting system according to your demands.