Why are the quality of Solar cable and PV connectors so important?

The report released by the “Solar Bankability” project team of the EU Horizon2020 program shows that in the loss of power station revenue caused by TOP20 technical failure, broken and burnout connectors ranked in 2nd, and the 1st is the wrong/absent cable connection.

Why are quality of Solar cable and PV connectors so important?

1. The use of large quantities. In the photovoltaic system, the solar cable & connector can be described as the lifeline of the solar power generation system, which runs through the project. Cables and connectors are required from components, inverters to engineering sites. 1MW photovoltaic system, according to the power of the components used, will probably use 10-30km DC cables, 2000~3000 sets of connectors.

2. The operating environment. For connectors, the insertion part of connector, the positive and negative poles and the cable crimping part determine the safety and stability of the connector connection.

For cables, mostly used between panel to panel, panel group to DC distribution box (combine box), DC distribution box to inverter. The insulation performance, heat and flame retardant performance, aging performance and min. bending radius of solar cables should to be consider. DC solar cables are usually laid outdoors and must be resistant to moisture, UV, ozone, aging, temperature.

SUNKEAN solar cable product series includes H1Z2Z2-K/62930 IEC131, UL4703 with TUV/CE/UL/RETIE certified quality, can meet the different countries’ solar installation standard.

3. The difficulty of on-site operation and maintenance. At present, it is difficult for monitoring software to monitor the running status of the connectors. If there is a problem, it must be checked one by one. For industrial and commercial power stations, this operation and maintenance work is relatively huge, and the operation and maintenance costs (labor/traffic/time/spare parts, etc.) due to connection failure are much larger than the initial investment. The service life of SUNKEAN solar cable is 25 years, which can free you from extra worries.

Although photovoltaic cable is only a small part of the photovoltaic system, how to choose the right cable to ensure the low accident rate of the project, improve the reliability of power supply, convenient construction operation and maintenance is required a long view to consider.