Advantage and disadvantage of roof top solar mounting system and solar ground mounts

Solar energy is free renewable energy, it’s easy to install both for roof top and for ground open field. No matter where you install the solar panel mounting aluminum rail system, you need to consider advantages and disadvantages to make decision for your home or business.

Roof mounted solarGround mounted solar
Foundation already availableSolar panel placement is more flexible
Less costsGet more sun to produce more energy
more convenient and more affordable than ground-mounted systemsEasy of access for installation,cleaning and repairing
Difficult to repair, replace and cleanRequires open field for installation
Roof holes lead to leak potentialMore labor is required

Ground-mounted solar mounting structure requires foundation like pole, ground screw, concrete, etc. It needs more space and require an open field available to arrange your solar panels, but they also offer easy access for installation and repair. Roof-mounted solar systems are less expensive as the existing roof top has been used as a foundation for installation. Solar roof hook suppliers and manufacturers eliminate the need to use property space for PV solar installation, however, you are limited to the space that you have. When you install a ground-mounted solar panel mounting aluminum rail system, you are free to orient your solar panels in a best way to maximizes the solar power production.

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