What aspects of photovoltaic support should customers focus on?

As an emerging industry, solar panels support structure is facing more and more customer demands. At the same time, some customers lack knowledge in various aspects such as solar panel bracket installation, design, and calculation. Have to rely on the professional team of the manufacturer. Therefore, photovoltaic support manufacturers and services focus on team building. The industry is always a professional to know more. The manufacturer of solar panel supports needs customers to understand their products and announce the detailed parameters of the products. It is not necessary to focus entirely on parameters.

You should judge and choose from the side. For example, the following aspects are erected structure, tracking moving parts, component materials, component processing technology, warranty time, and effective use time. For the product description of photovoltaic support between networks, it is always customary to include parameters, installed capacity, control mode, tracking (accuracy, elevation angle, azimuth angle), safe operation ability, drive (type, electric power), protection ability, work Environment, area, finishing weight, etc.

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