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Mibet’s 3MW rooftop solar mounting system project at the Shanghai Yaoxue Ice World in China was officially completed recently. The venue is scheduled to open to the public in 2024 and will become the world’s largest indoor real snow skiing resort. Mibet’s professional engineering team overcame the challenges of high-rise, uneven roofs, and tight deadlines to provide an efficient rooftop solar solution.

rooftop solar mounting system
Shanghai Yaoxue Ice World Effect/Source: official promotional image

Yaoxue Ice World is located in Shanghai, which has a subtropical monsoon climate with hot summers and warm winters. The average annual sunshine hours are 1,885, providing ideal conditions for the construction of a solar power plant.

Mibet’s solar solution will allow this approximately 29,500 square meter project to self-supply electricity, with an estimated annual generation of 4 million KW/h. We adopted an innovative structure that incorporates the image of a skier into the design, using this unique way to illuminate the Ice world.

rooftop solar mounting system

The project design features an aluminum alloy double-layer rail structure, which has the characteristics of flexible adjustment and efficient installation, meeting the installation requirements of irregular roofs. The aluminum alloy frame is treated with an anodizing process to provide corrosion and rust resistance.

We used the 3D3S professional tool to verify the structural strength and strictly followed international standards in the design, ensuring the durability and safety of the rooftop solar system.

rooftop solar mounting system

As a company that has been focusing on solar mounting systemsfor over 10 years, Mibet is committed to providing safe and efficient green energy solutions. We have won the trust and support of a wide range of customers with our high-quality products and reliable services. In the future, mibetsolar will continue to innovate to bring customers higher quality and more reliable solar system solutions.