Mibet Shines at Osaka Smart Energy Week -mibetsolar.com

From November 15-17, 2023, the Osaka International Smart Energy Week attracted the attention of energy companies from around the world. At this important industry event, Mibetsolar showcased a variety of stable, reliable, and cost-effective solar mounting system products, demonstrating its rich experience and innovative capabilities.

Osaka Smart Energy Week - Mibet Team Photo

Mibet established a branch in Japan in 2017, strengthening its cooperation with Japanese customers. We can provide customized project solutions based on the environment of different regions in Japan (such as hilly and mountainous terrain) and local power plant construction standards.

Osaka Smart Energy Week - Guests are interested in our products

Mibet’s agricultural solar structure design takes into account both solar power generation and crop cultivation, not only improving land utilization, but also meeting the lighting needs of different crops. In addition, our ground-mounted solar systems PGT2 and NPGT4 are known for their high stability, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and ease of installation. These systems have been optimized for structural stability, achieving good economic efficiency and environmental adaptability.

Osaka Smart Energy Week - Guests are interested in our products

In the future, Mibet will complete more solar projects in multiple regions in Japan, providing Japanese customers with high-quality solar racking products. We will continue to provide “high-quality, efficient, and environmentally friendly” solar system solutions to global users, achieving economic benefits and the sustainability of green energy.